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Tonight I want to make music with you. It’s just us here, and we can light the candles on the chandelier in the ballroom, and open all the windows so the bats can fly in, and flit out.

Throgmorton can play the harpsichord for us, he is so very accommodating for a butler, so discreet and silent, I sometimes wonder how he manages to run our household so efficiently and never seem as tho he is in a hurry.

Of course, we have all the time in the world.

I will play my violin for you , all the tunes that you like the best. The songs we learned from gypsies , so many years ago and the ancient songs that were here long before us, and will be here long after. The songs that only you and I will ever hear, the ones that come from deep in our hearts and sung only to the wind, and only to the stars. The songs that can make the moon weep with love.

You can sing for me. If all I ever did forever was listen to you sing it would be enough. Your voice is as cold as ice melting and as warm as a dying fire. You know so very many songs, and even I , so close to you, have not yet heard them all. Sing for me something new, and something old, something borrowed and something blue. Sing to me of Angels, and of Demons. Of Bats, and Cabbages and Kings.  Sing to me of the earth, and sing to me of a secret never to be told.

And then we will play together. The energy so wild , like lightning and thunder, like rain, and like magic , like water on a warm summer night. Sound with the beauty of  night-blooming flowers and the grace of an owl about to drop on it’s prey. Music filled with all the joy we posses or are possessed by.

The air elementals love it when we play, and I don’t mind when they come with us, their voices so high, so light, I like to listen to them play, they are so fey and playful. I can hear them, and drums, drums played by unseen drummers, the music of the earth and all of it’s spirit.

Play me one more song……