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Tonight We Dance

The invitations were sent far and wide, the spiders will spread the news. Vampire, Ghost, Fey, Banshee, all Creatures of the night, come and dance with us. We shall whirl across the floor, you and I , never still, never silent. Candles that never burn low, sweet wine for the taking, dresses with lace, and leather, lips as red as blood, and our hair , long and dark and shining.

Yes , tonight we dance, and all are welcome.

But , perhaps, not the others, anymore that they ever are. One in a hundred of Them will ever understand, and we would welcome them, if we could understand them. Or they us.

Why do they fear us? Hunt us? Burn us and stake us? We would not hurt them. Often. And not intentionally. Their legends and myths have been handed down for to long and have , as legends and myths do, changed and grown. ( look what they have done with Christ, and Buddha and Allah and Yeweh )

Don’t they know that the Loup-Garou is far more beautiful in her wolf skin than in her girl skin? So strong and sleek and wild and free…

And the Vampire, so dark and pale. Why are they thought so  greedy ? As if they would  drain all the blood from a body, a taste, a glass as it were of wine finer than any made on earth. Don’t they know the love, and the closeness, teeth on neck, breast to breast, hip to hip, bone against bone. Do they not make love the same way?

And if  some of the Fey will growl and claw, and crunch ,well, if they would but take the time to know them, and to find out the why all the growling and clawing, and crunching , they might understand the reasons better. Much like understanding anyone…. We all have our quirks and bad days. Some faerie will beguile and trick, and will play music to dance forever to, but it’s all in fun and if they would dance forever, might they not be better for it?.

The Banshee sing with joy , letting the houses know that soon, soon, one of their own will be free, free to fly the night sky, dance the dance of the dead, and un-dead, finally to lay down all the worldly cares and seek the joy of the otherworld. They will join the dead soon, why do people weep so, and wail? Unless it be that they have not yet become so, I can see no cause for such tears.

Why do they run screaming from Ghosts ? ( not that I have anything against running and  screaming, we do it often you and I, hand in hand and roll down hills , laughing in the long grass, when the moon is full ) But do they not understand how close in kin they are to ghosts? How once the ghosts walked the earth, much in the same manner as the people now do?

Do they not know how beautiful you are? Do they not know how your eyes shine when you are happy and how your soul stretches when your wings unfold? Do they not know how much you give and how much you love? Or how much you mean to me?

Why do they fear something so simple?

Tonight we dance, you and I.

Let them listen to the music they cannot hear. Let them see what they cannot see. Let them feel all the things they ever dreamed of  in their sleeping nights. Tonight.

Tonight we shall leave them.