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Haunted: Tonight

Tonight, as the sun sets, I am going to climb,
Up the vines that run outside of the house,
Come thru the shutters and
Ease in thru your window.

I can use the door, you know,
but this, my friend, is more fun

I will creep across the floor, on silent feet,
Claws making no sound,
On your carpeted floors,
Quietly making my way to where you lie sleeping.

I can be very quite , you know,
When I, my friend, have need to be

As the last bit of sun sinks softly
I will pull back the curtains that hang from your bed,
And sit myself at the foot
Getting ready to pounce, as you wake

I can be very patient, you know
When I , my friend , am waiting

Teeth shinning in the twilight, I will smile
Thinking this evening you are going to be surprised
You will wake , and tho you are very fast,
I will chase you into the dark night.

Un-dead is never dull when I am around , you know
And we, my friend, will have such glorious fun