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Haunted: Last Night

Where were you last night, you asked me.You asked me with fangs, and with claws. Fangs in my throat and claws across my chest.You are never subtle in with your inquiries but you cannot fly just yet this evening and without your wings you are not strong enough to hold me.

You are not strong enough at all these nights, I am thinking and I worry.

Some, anyway.

Lie down , back in the bed, pull the covers, and the furs up close, drink this and listen. I will tell you where I have been….

Once long ago there was a girl, the good younger sister, ( as they always are, and yes, of course there was a bad older sister ) and this younger sister found an old women walking along the road and , was kind to the old women ( as they always are ) and was gifted by the old women, as the old women was a fairy ( as ever they are ) and the gift was for every word she spoke another jewel would come from her mouth.

( the rude older sister, who was inevitably cruel to the old women, you ask? The stories say she was cursed, for every word she spoke a snake or a spider or a bat or a beetle would come from her mouth )

Now this good girl, for every word, a jewel, loose jewels, and rings, necklaces, a pin, things for her ears , ropes of jewels and ancklets, came from her mouth, until there were too many, far to many and she died. For who could live for long decked so?

Such are fairy gifts to mortals. Even the well meaning ones never stop to think.

I know where this girl died, alone, and forgotten. Her bones , and jewels left in a cave far away from anywhere, away in the place all the stories come from. That’s where I found her, late last night.

Her bones of course, sadly, were long gone but I have brought you the jewels to play with tonight. Rubies for you neck, red as blood and hot as fever. Emeralds, green like your eyes, the way they shine in the darkness. Purple stones for your fingers, fingers long and soft that tickle so when they run down my back and pearls as tender as moonlight.

I have brought you stones as black as every night that same moon is dark and diamonds , one for every star that shines in the sky, and in my eyes when I look at you. And saffires, each with a tiny blue flame deep within, ever burning , ever reaching, ever hungry ever dying to be really truly free. The opals that shine a different colour every time the candles flicker and agates, which have a magic all of thier own.

Deck yourself in my jewels and take them for your own, you are not mortal and they will not hurt you, watch in your mirror as they change and glow and shine and sparkle. Run your fingers over the pearls and drink the drops that run from your fingers. Turn rubys to wine, rich and dark and red and take strenth from all that they have to give.

And so, you will feel better. Soon. Very soon.

When you are well, I shall take you to where the older sister still lives, for she was not cursed now was she? She yet lives with her snakes, her spiders, her bats and the beetles.

We will go and visit them.