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Haunted Killing

I know That look. And I know That mood. And only I know what you turn into sometimes when moon grows large. It is different than what happens to me. You look the same. Except for your eyes, and no one but me ever looks into them.

That is not quite true. There are things that look deep into your eyes. There are things that revel in it. The moon for instance, and those one things I never could figure out what they Were. Or Are. But I know they could look at you. Were you ever afraid of them? Or anything?

Some things look into your eyes. For a moment. One long , blissful, lovely moment., and they love you, forever. I will love you forever, but that is a little different. Once every so often, you leave them, changed, longing and forever searching, tho ” it is something to have hungered once as those must hunger who have ate the bread of gods” and it makes for great art, such as good men are capable of. Sometimes that fancy takes you.

But not tonight, I know That look.

You will gnaw and gnash and pace, back and forth, across the room, for days if need be. You will grow strong. Stronger than you are, but not strong enough to stop this change. Not this moon. I will run thru the woods, you will fly thru the sky and neither man or beast will venture out, and the earth will shudder, silently.

There is evil in this world. There is madness and destruction and truly bad men. The bad men will have to watch out, much good will it do them. I know your claws, I know your strenth, I know your stealth. Let them cower and hide, much good it will do them. Let them run, let them fight, let them try and take you, much good it will do them. I know your fury, I know your passion, I know what you can do. Much good will it do them.

They will look into yours eyes. Once. It will be the last thing they see. They will not melt in your arms. They will not wake knowing the beauty in this world. They will know you and all you are capable of. They will take it to their graves. Uneasy ones I am thinking. We all have something to atone for. Some things, tho, cannot be forgiven.

Much good will it do them.

I can see the sound of thunder. I can see the future in a storm.

And I know That look in your eyes.