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Haunted: Hidden Messages

I can never find your hidden messages, you hide them so well. I know you told me that I couldn’t find them because I was too afraid of breaking things. What things? Precious things? Fragile things? Hearts? Bah, we eat them for breakfast some evenings.

Lets play hide and seek tonight, we will persuade the bats to act as messengers, and carry clues from me to you and you to I. The garden gnomes will not grumble if we stay out of the flower beds, besides where would the smallest of the neighbors dine if we were romping thru nightshade, the moon-flowers and the ghost roses.
( not mind you that the ghosts would be caught alive stopping to smell the roses, as if ! )

I’ll dress like Alice in Wonderland gone bad and you can wear a shift of spiderwebs and shimmer like you do in the bright moonlight. Stay by the house and count as high as you can, which my dear, I do know is more than FIVE , none of that again. I will go and hide, and a bat shall fly back to you with a note saying I lie in the place where the dead people live. I’ll give you a spell and be home before ye…..

One is you
and the second is I
I shall run and
you shall fly

Come and find me,
if you can ,
alley alley in free,
with three dead men

Four little nightbirds
sitting in a tree and
five little spiders
all looking for me

Six dark vampires
and one make seven,
No good children will
go to heaven…….

A chest of gold,
pieces of eight,
will buy you time
it’s getting late

I’ll run home and
you’ll be mine
that cat’s done,
life number nine

as the churchbell tolls
number ten,

I’ll wait for you, and we’ll play again……