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Haunted: Ask the Moon

What did you ask the moon for last night , that she would send a white flit to the garden? Like a butterfly you said? Appearing and disappearing into the leaves? I saw that moon later, near morning, dawn in fact and she was low, so low on the horizon and too big for this world. I wondered who could have wished so, to make her that full.

And I wonder what it is you desire.

I know your heart, I know all the hearts you have broken, or eaten. I know what you love the best, I know when you are happiest. I know your fury, I know how you can hate, and rend and kill when angered. Or amused. I know your innocence. Like a 100 year old child. And your wisdom like a newborn old women.

And I wonder what it is you desire.

Little One, tho you are older than me, if we could be said to age, I can bargain with the moon, some nights you must know I am wiser than you. On some nights. I can run faster and know of more secrets here on this earth. The earth has bubbles, as the water has, and there are weird sisters that are of them, weird sisters that can see what has been and what shall be, then as easily vanish into air. Would you know what they see for you? Will you be not so happy, yet much happier….

And I wonder what it is that you desire.

Remember you once told me that the price of getting what you want, was getting what once you wanted. Surely you have all a creature could want. Is there always something more, is there always one last thing, one step further. Can you not be content as any un-dead thing, to walk the earth, dine on raw flesh, scare the children, fly the night skies and sing to the stars? Let me sing to you , if you want music. I will speak truth. I am not content either.

And I wonder what it is that you desire

I will give you what you desire. You see, I have something the moon wants. We can drink down the moon and ask for anything. The moon, however, does not like blackmail. I will give her what she wants. She can take it. Forever if she likes. She is also a compulsive payer of debts. She will give you what you want.

For I know better than you what the night flyers on the Caribbean breezes can mean.

And I know what it is that you desire.