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Vampiric Kitty

by Ticia Isom

A vampiric kitty has come out to play.
Having tired of mice, it wants much larger prey.

It revels in stalking and toying, it’s true.
Which is why it’s out now and it’s looking for you.
It’s sharpened its fangs, and its claws, and its wit;
Praying for game that’s much smarter than it.

Its thoughts dwell no more on the light of the day.
It lives for the night, and the hunt, and the fray.
So watch out dear reader, when walking alone,
Check behind, and above you, and under each stone.

For who’s to know when this cat will appear,
It could be tonight, or it could be next year.
So let’s all remember to never delay,
For the kitty is out there
and it just wants to play.