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by Robyn Pearson

We all sat around with our bottles of wine waiting for it to get
completely dark. The guys were in charge of watching the kids and we
were having a girls’ night. We gathered all our accoutrement and
headed to the garden.

I hadn’t memorized how to cast the circle so I had my cheat sheet, the
knife, incense, candles, ocean water from Big Sur, and we all had our
pens and paper. I called out to the powers of the east, south, west,
and north, lit the candle in the center, and we were ready to rid
ourselves of our personal strife. I have to admit, I chuckled a lot
during the casting of the circle, I have a hard time maintaining
seriousness in most any situation, especially while hailing to the
guardians of the elements in my backyard flanked by three other
backyards and nosy neighbors.

Once we all sat together in that circle though, it became quite
powerful, and all the houses around us disappeared. We all took our
pens and paper and drew pictures of what we wanted to rid from our
lives. I don’t remember what everyone else drew. I don’t even remember
if we all shared what was on our papers. But when you have half a
dozen women all lighting things on fire, you can’t help but feel the
power. I drew a completely unrecognizable representation of how I
felt during anxiety attacks. I pushed as much of that negative energy
into that piece of paper as I could before I put it over the candle
and it was consumed by the fire that the six of us had created
together. We opened the circle and returned to the house to watch
some cheesy chick flick. No matter what we created in that circle,
it was still a girls night and we had more wine to drink.

None of our neighbors ever mentioned anything, if they ever noticed
anything. They didn’t say if they heard the chanting, or saw the ever
so small little fire in the clearing between the rows of lettuce and
the white peach tree that only produced three or four peaches each
year. I’m sure the lady with the Whippet dogs watched our every move,
but she never mentioned it to us.

Whether or not we summoned any real magic that night in the garden I
don’t know, but it felt real to me and that’s really all the magic
needed to do.