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Green Moon Garden

by Katilou Curry

There was a light breeze among the roses. The garden was lit only by the stars. It had been a long day, and tomorrow would be even longer. I desperately needed sleep, but there I was, out in the garden, trying not to dwell on the next day’s events.

There was a sudden sharp scent of rosemary, so I turned and saw her walking towards me.

“Isn’t it lovely how the limestone path glows in the starlight?” she asked calmly, her long white dress shifting ever so slightly in the breeze. “Yes,” I said.

She walked softly along the path, stopping at one rose before moving to the next. Without looking at me, “There will be a new moon tonight. Did you know that? The second for this month, a green moon.” I stood where I was, unable to move toward or away from her. “Hunh. Now that you reminded me, yes. A good time for new beginnings.” I thought I saw a soft smile play across her lips.

She moved to the next rose bush, softly cupping a white single rose in her hands. She bent over so that her face was right next to the blossom and inhaled deeply. Her brows knit together as she stood and looked at me. “I know you chose your roses for their scent, but I don’t know why I cannot smell them. I can only detect a hint of their fragrance. Can you tell me why?”

Before I could say a word, the tiniest sliver of a moon appeared in the sky. A single moonbeam landed between us, creating a hazy opening in the air. We both stared at it in wonder. A stronger breeze seemed to come from the opening, at least enough of one to move her hair slightly off her shoulders, though I felt nothing.

Her face became radiant with a smile as she moved towards the portal. “There! That is the scent I remember. And music. Such music!” Still I stood, riveted to my spot. She placed one foot through the now glowing portal, turned and asked, “Won’t you come with me?”

I shook my head, “No. I can’t right now.” She stepped on through, waving, then the portal closed with a sigh. I fell to my knees, and the tears that would not come earlier that evening began to fall.