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Garden of the Night

by Katilou Curry

What will you find in the Night Garden?
Who will meet you there?
Where will you find the Night Garden?
Will you enter?  Do you dare?

Come, and enter my Night Garden.
Come, see the wonders within.
Come within my garden’s mute walls,
Hear the music begin.

Mist enfolds my garden’s wild walls;
Moonlight reveals many shapes.
Some stand still, while others may shift,
Yet none of them escapes.

Wild are the notes that fill the air
As shadows move in dance.
Sirens sing to the beat of taut skins
To enchant and entrance.

I offer you an earthen cup,
Scents of nutmeg and rose.
One sip, the key, and a door will
Open, a door will close.

Next you know your clothes are damp,
The sun brightens the east.
Memories dim of the night past.
Were you feted…or feast?