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My Cats Bloody Butt….(And the True Meaning of Art.)

Monday, February 9th, 2009

I have been thinking all day about what to write about tonight, we have a lot of new Fiends, and no doubt little lurkers out there, and I thought I should write about something cool, or interesting, or perhaps Coraline related. Something that would entice readers, impress people, make someone laugh. Above all, I did not want to start off, no matter what, with “now about my cats bloody butt….”

Anyway. On we go. Now, about my cats bloody butt. Madame Mim, Bengal extraordinaire, as some of you know from the comments yesterday, has been having a bit of a Problem, in that blood seems to be coming out of her butt. (I could say “Bleeding from her anal area due to intestinal problems, but when you get down to it, it is a bloody butt.)

She’s been to the vet, no parasites, just some sort of really weirdly irritated, most likely due to a new food. She has meds. She seems fine. And no more blood is coming from her butt.


I’ve been thinking about music today too, with the Grammy’s and all last night. I think what I don’t like about radio music today, is that it all seems manufactured. A package put together for money, and it seems to have completely lost sight of what music IS and what it should BE. In the mainstream anyway. I almost want to say dumbing down for the masses, but that’s not quite it.

If you go off thru the woods a bit, not very far, there is another stream. It doesn’t much have a NAME this stream, not”Alternative” “Folk” “Folk-rock” “Indie” or any combination. It’s just the stream where the cool fish swim. The ones who play MUSIC and who have something to say.

You’ll fine the Oysterband there, and Jonathon Coultren, Paul and Storm, Jason Webley, AFP, Thea Gilmour, Magnetic Fields, Hera, The Endless, The Shondes, The Scabs, Hamel on Trial and, well the list goes on. People who are making their own music and doing quite well at it. People who know that what they are doing is real, and don’t feel they have to change, or fit into some sort of “What they ought to be doing” to “Make It”

On of the saddest things going is a really great band who start listening to, Fods, I don’t know who “They” are, but “They” at the record company tells the band they need to change, do this or that, in order to be more “Accessible” “Commercial” or have a “Hit” It. Never. Works. What makes an artist magic, and special, is when they do what they DO and trying to fit some sort of mold, (Intentional spelling) and be something they aren’t, well, they lose what made them great in the first place.

Which brings me to another point, (we’ve come a ways sine my cats bloody butt haven’t we?) Underworld 3. I’ve been trying to figure out what bothered me about the movie. It’s not BAD exactly, but I wish they had trusted their audience, the people who got the story, and loved it in the first two. The story to the prequel was all there in the first two movies, and if they had slowed down, and simply told that story, relying on the fact that people who loved the movies wanted to hear that story played out in this one, it would have worked.

In Underworld 3 it seems as tho the story gets lost. And someone felt they needed to add things, change things and I am not sure what movie they were trying to make. Sonja didn’t need to be set up as the rebellious child, Viktor didn’t need to be an over the top evil dude, And what Happened to “We were the day light guardians of the Vampires” seems they turned into slaves in a mine.

I wish they had trusted themselves, the story and the people who wanted to see it.

I wish in art and music and movies , the people making the money decisions would understand that people are smarter than they think. Go for it. Put out something real and good.

Hey, it could work.

Love and my cats bloody butt,

Shoes and Magic, With Dog, Venus and Mim….

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

We're going to get everyone in on the action tonight! Here's the mending Cabel with the Coraline Nike Shes. AND the picture frames that showed up from Kitty today, for my B'day!!!! Now those are some frames I can work with. May just hang them up….

Here's a close up. Lovely, yes? I will wear them at my Birthday concert on the 13th, at Charlie's in Stillwater, 7:30 to 11:30, webcasting live (just in case anyone forgot or anything!) And now for some Magic…..

Magic AND Venus, see the Claw of Doom? It's one of Magic's favorite games. I think Venus and Mim have fun too. Do we know how to party or what?????

Here he is playing on his cat tree. Can you see his new Underworld 3 poster in the background? (that is a movie I need to see again, before I comment. If you loved the first two, see it. But don't see it first.)

I love this guy. He is so ready for fun, every time I come in, and he so wants to be a part of things. I was looking at pictures of ALC's today (Asian Leopard Cats) and he does have that same tiny head, and rounder body. NExt we have us some Venus by the coffee table sans fish tank. (I will get another fish, perhaps indeed many, but I need some time to grieve yet for , uh, Fish. He was with me two years, swimming. Eating. Swiming. We had some good times he and I.)

And another so you can see her leanness….

And finally, Mim lurking across the room……..

Lear and Mab will have to wait for another night to get their page time, this ought to be enough for anyone…

Love and Shoes,


Bengal Rescue

Monday, August 4th, 2008

My two fostered Bengal girls are ready to find homes and go out into the world. If you know anyone who wants them (they come as a set) send me an email, or contact Great Lakes Bengal Rescue…

These are two, female, spayed and (sadly) de-clawed Kitties. One Spotted, one Marbled. I have had them for three months now, and they have changed from being scared, lonely cats who hid from people in terror, to being friendly, inquisitive, social girls. They need a quiet home, and someone who will have the time and patience to gain their love and trust.

The adoption fee will be significantly less than what is quoted on the GLBR website, as we do need to keep them together, and are looking for a very special home.

(if these won’t work for you, please consider any of the other wonderful Kitties waiting for a home…)

Bengals are a hybrid cat, a cross between an Asian Leopard cat and an Egyptian Mau. The are considered a domestic cats, and are in no way dangerous. They are, however, a LOT of cat. Very, very smart. They love water, and many can be taught to walk on leashes. They will make you laugh for hours at a time, and are very social, tho not in general, lap cats.

They are almost hauntingly beautiful in person.

And if you win their hearts, they will love you, totally, forever.

My thanks, truly, to my Boss, who took the photos of the Ever in Motion Kitties, with a reluctant camera, and set up the slideshow for me.

Love and Kitties,