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The Fabulous Lorraine lives in a Spooky House with 5 Bengals somewhere in the wilds of the American Midwest. (NOTE: “Castle in Hungary would sound cooler, how truthful does this have to be? FL.) She has worked as an Assistant to Writer Neil Gaiman for the past 16 years. (NOTE: I don’t have to describe him do I? I mean that could take forever, and truly, I do think most people know who he is, and if they don’t they can always try Google FL)

She has been writing, recording and playing live music seriously since 1993, with a variety of bands, always coming back to the things that are most exciting and important. (NOTE: That’s obvious isn’t it? Why elaborate? Death, doom, destruction, drinking, Spooky and Magic. I mean, hello! FL) She has seven CDs out there somewhere, and can be found most weekends playing somewhere. (NOTE: What do you mean I have to list them and say where? A little mystery never hurt anyone..FL.)

Last year Lorraine, in honor of her own Benglas, Freaky Venus Seaweed and Madame Mim, started working in Bengal Rescue. She can be found fostering just about as many as her house can hold, making friends with them, and finding their families. She likes to work with the Hard Cases who have had it pretty badly, as there is no greater joy in gaining their love and trust and seeing them go from abused scared things to loving kitties. One Foster, a half Leopard, F1, for those in the know, has found a permanent home with Lorraine. His name is Magic. (NOTE: What do you mean “going on too long?” This is THE most important thing I have done in the last year. FL)

Lorraine also became a Beekeeper two years ago, which has got to go down in history as one of the most unlikely things ever to happen. When I say she was Very Afraid of Bees I am speaking lightly. In fact, she resisted her Boss’s efforts to establish hive for some years, in that she did not mind if they were there, simply she would have nothing to do with them, but mostly Fate gets the last laugh. She is now a Friend of Bees. (NOTE: Yes, I know there is a story there, if anyone asks, I’ll send them a link. being Covered In Bees is Freaky Weird and you aren’t the same person afterwords, too long a tale for a short little bio FL)

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The Fabulous Lorraine writes a Blog that is of some interest to many and especially to a group of people calling themselves The Fiends. This blog is about whatever she feels like writing about at any given moment, and is rarely dull. She is proud of this. (NOTE: “Explain in detail the Fiends?” Surely you jest. I can’t explain them. I love them, and only hope they don’t end up eating my Spicy Brains. Or anyone else’s. They seem to think I am their leader. I am not responsible for them taking over the world. Unless I choose to be. Their hearts are good, and they welcome new Fiends. Mostly. FL)

Lorraine is learning to play the bagpipes and to speak French, with little success at either of them. Oddly enough, no one seems to mind her lack of progress in French.

She currently has black and many-shades-of-purple hair. (NOTE: Should I say that? I mean, it could change and be red or rainbow or gone in a week?)