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I love Bengal Cats. As the Birdchick says about her and birds “I love them freakishly so” There is something about them, besides being beautiful, they have personalities un-like any other breed.

They are smarter, faster, stronger, and bigger. Kind of the Extreme Kitty of the cat world. 

Let’s start at the beginning . I am not going to do an essay on What Is A Bengal. Either you know or you don’t. If you do, continue to step two. If you don’t, take some time and Google “Bengal Cat” it’s all out there. Everything you need to know.

(or as I like to call it “A short introduction to what is really in store for you”)

Step 2..So, you think you might want a Bengal? Have you read everything there is to read?  Keep reading, if after reading this next excerpt from Janet Saltzman’s Essay “What is a Bengal” you think to your self “Now THIS sounds like a PARTY!” They may be your breed. If not, they aren’t. Go to your local shelter and adopt a cuddly friend who needs a home.

“They are SMART!  Opening closed cabinets, mostly closed doors, and finding a way to open containers of food is not beyond their capabilities.  They use their big paws and claws like fingers on a hand!

They are VOCAL, letting you know when it’s dinner time, play time, or just to hear themselves echo in the basement.  Not always the common ‘meow’, some males can actually have a LOUD howl.

They like to shred and chew toilet paper, tissue, and things of paper nature.

Whatever you’re eating, they want it, and will try to take it.  Including if you have thrown it in a CLOSED garbage receptacle.

They like ALL water, including your running faucet, showers and your bath tubs!

They like to dig to China while in their litterboxes.  They like to scratch on closed doors to get their humans to open them.

They have occasional bursts of energy that will replicate a heard of elephants running through your household… this can occur and any time of the day, or night.

Some of them will go for walks on leashes

ALL toys are destructible.  ALL toys.  Sometime YOU look like a toy!”

Ok, if you are still here, and still loving these kitties, let’s move on

Bengals are many wonderful things but they are not cute little kitties with spots. If you think you are ready for one, there are many good breeders out there. Pet quality kittens, not for breeding, start at $600 to $900 dollars, plus shipping if you live in another state and can’t pick them up.

Ouch, you say? Let me offer you an alternative. I work with Great Lakes Bengal Rescue as a foster home. Many times, TOO many times, people get a Bengal, and do not know what they are getting into. They are a LOT OF CAT. And so they end up in rescue.

They need homes.

The saddest are the Early Generation kitties.(If you don’t know that term, go back to step one and continue reading) People seem to think how cool it would be to have a pet that is half Leopard, and OH MY GOSH GEE WIZ!!!!!!!!!!! When the cute little kitten hits a year old, OH MY it starts acting like a LEOPARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who knew? And they can’t deal with it, and give it to a friend who thinks “Wow, a Leopard!” and so on until they end up (at best) in rescue or sanctuary .

I have two EG fosters, one of whom will never be able to go to another home, and it has taken me months to get him to come out.

Bit of a tangent there, Great Lakes Bengal Rescue, or GLBR for short would never place these kitties with someone who didn’t have the experience to deal with them. I have a a lot of support from both the group and Marilyn Krieger at thecatcoach.com and have had a lot of Bengal experience and it is still hard. If you don’t know what you are doing Do Not Get One.

But back to our regular at least four generations away from Leopard Bengal. They are now considered domestic. Still a lot of cat, but they are not wild animals.

And we have a LOT who need homes.


And the adoption fee, ALL of which goes to GLBR for the Bengals, is only $150. Far less than a kitten, as you can see.

We also desperately need foster homes. You many have heard my stories about my fosters, but I do, by my own request, take in the hard cases who have had it bad. Most are loving, sweet , wonderful and looking for friends.

I can tell you that your heart will thank you.

If you want to consider adopting or fostering  a Bengal, write to me, or to GLBR or a Bengal rescue group in your area. Trust me when I tell you that we would LOVE to talk to you.

Love, Lorraine, Freaky Venus, Madame Mim, Magic, King Lear the Huge and Queen Mab.