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February 1, 2009

Well, did the show…

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Home now in the Spooky House. Woodsman Hans is staying with Cabel, and when last we checked in, both were having a fine time with the sleepover. It’s me and the Bengals tonight in a bed with new sheets, which after the last week, seems just about perfect to me.

Tonight’s gig was, well, had a few moments but had to work for all of them. Nights like this I try and sync up with Paul and just play for us, and enjoy the music, and we did do some fine things, LOTS of new stuff we hadn’t really tried before, rehearsal is what it was, which is good.

Fiends Amy was there and brought cat toys, bonus!

But still, it is better when it is magic, and we have the people, and they are with us. I whine, I know, they can’t all be great, but it was a whole lot of having sex and not making love this evening. If you see what I mean, to put it bluntly. Work, not love tonight. Still as Adam says, got paid, good gig.

And I did rock me some U2, which I can do no matter who is paying attention.

I have a lot of thoughts on gigs and if one can get people into it. I feel like it is my job to make them pay attention, to make the show, to bring them in and make this magic. If they aren’t, I’m not doing my job. But sometimes, no matter how good you are, they just aren’t there.

All goes with the gig, sometimes the magics there and sometimes it isn’t.

Tomorrow is fun, I am going to a dressage clinic, as a watcher, not a rider, and get to see some amazing riders, which I am looking forward to. Then after, a ride myself, before nipping back to Dog.

Work next week promises to be something. We will certainly have more on what leads up to Opening of Movie. Just saw a Coraline add on TV, doesn’t seem real, like something I am involved in. Very fun tho. Still havn’t seen the HBO bit, but hope to soon…

Love and Sleepy,

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