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February 3, 2009

Shoes and Magic, With Dog, Venus and Mim….

Filed under: Bengals — FabLo @ 7:47 pm

We're going to get everyone in on the action tonight! Here's the mending Cabel with the Coraline Nike Shes. AND the picture frames that showed up from Kitty today, for my B'day!!!! Now those are some frames I can work with. May just hang them up….

Here's a close up. Lovely, yes? I will wear them at my Birthday concert on the 13th, at Charlie's in Stillwater, 7:30 to 11:30, webcasting live (just in case anyone forgot or anything!) And now for some Magic…..

Magic AND Venus, see the Claw of Doom? It's one of Magic's favorite games. I think Venus and Mim have fun too. Do we know how to party or what?????

Here he is playing on his cat tree. Can you see his new Underworld 3 poster in the background? (that is a movie I need to see again, before I comment. If you loved the first two, see it. But don't see it first.)

I love this guy. He is so ready for fun, every time I come in, and he so wants to be a part of things. I was looking at pictures of ALC's today (Asian Leopard Cats) and he does have that same tiny head, and rounder body. NExt we have us some Venus by the coffee table sans fish tank. (I will get another fish, perhaps indeed many, but I need some time to grieve yet for , uh, Fish. He was with me two years, swimming. Eating. Swiming. We had some good times he and I.)

And another so you can see her leanness….

And finally, Mim lurking across the room……..

Lear and Mab will have to wait for another night to get their page time, this ought to be enough for anyone…

Love and Shoes,


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