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February 3, 2009

Bits of Things….

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Morning, Fiends!

HA! I am awake early, long before the West Coast can be up, tho I am certain the East Coast is, and we are WELL along in the UK, tho it doesn't concern me much, as London seems to be somewhat shut down, due to snow. Might be Spring before they get dug out.

Still on my first cup of tea, so not sure how very interesting I will be, but as it may well be nighttime before I get back to you, we ought to have something up besides, “Ack, no fun gig!”

Only a few more days before this Movie is out into the world!!Not sure that means the work will be done, but it will certainly lighten up a bit, and I get a Boss back for a week, which both the Dog and I will like.

Speaking of Dog, he is doing very well, but thinks he is REALLY well and ought to be allowed to run and play as much as he likes, which isn't the case at all. He is up to 3-4 walks to the end of the drive and back every days. On leash. (Driveway is about a city block long, maybe a little less)

Benglas are not exactly liking these strange hours I have been keeping, but things are good, we're going to have some new pics of them soon, I think, they will feel better if they get some page time. They seem to think it's been a little too Doggish over here lately. Magic is still peeing on the futon, but not as much, hopefully he is getting used to the idea that he likes me soon.

Venus doesn't seem to like her food anymore. She never has much liked anything, and is a lean kitty, but I think she is getting too thin. (Something I worry about myself all the time, hee-hee) There is dry food out all the time, different kinds, and once a week tuna, which she does like, I split a can between the five of them, and cook chicken, or steak sometimes for them, but she just isn't into it. Commercial grocery store canned food she doesn't like, and it makes Mim really sick.

I need to explore some higher quality canned food Marilyn, The Cat Coach, says.

If I could make myself do it, I would put a little Pond in the kitchen and stock it and she could have Sushi….

Right. With that lovely thought, I am getting to work!

Love and awake,


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