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January 23, 2009

What Is Scary?

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There’s a lot of talk about Coraline and kids and is it too scary for them and what age should kids see it going on. The first comment on that I would say is, depends on the kid. And remember, kids will surprise you.

At the last screening, there was a 10 year old friend of mine I would have thought would NOT have been into it at ALL, who after telling her thoughts, with eyes shinning to both Boss and the Director walked out on cloud nine.

I can only say, kids are smart. Kids know that the Hero needs to save the world, and that the Hero needs to get into danger and that it will be real, before they can save the world.

I can tell you that adults find the book much more scary than children do.

I can tell you that Coraline the movie, is a Story, for both kids and adults, and like most great stories, it can be listened to many different ways, it’s not a movie for one or the other. It’s a Story. And like many great stories, it can get very scary at times.

Remember back when you were young, and you saw a movie where a young girl got swept away in a cyclone to another world and where everything was magic and before she vanquished the Witch, she was carried away by flying monkeys and things got pretty dark. Remember that feeling? Did you ever doubt, no matter how scary, no matter how dark things got, that she Was Going To Win?

I can tell you, kids know the Hero Will save the world.

Adults aren’t sure. Fun, yes?

Make you own call, see it first, I can tell you that you will love it, and I can tell you, your kids may surprise you.

There, that’s my thoughts on that for the day. Send some love out to Woodsman Hans who is currently driving a new Mimi Clubman and a Large White, somewhat grumpy at a Boss leaving him Dog across the country.

A grand adventure for both of them, and I will keep you posted.

Love and Scary,

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