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January 26, 2009

Such a Day Might Come But Once….

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ome now. Sort of home. Boss's home with dog. Not sure when I was last this tired.

There has not been a down moment since 7:15 this morning. I distinctly remember my friend Betsy calling this afternoon and saying “Morning Babe” and her saying “What the heck kind of day are you having? It's nearly three?”

I told her what kind of day it's been.

A rather wonderful day.

I remember getting the call from Boss's agent at 7:15am, and looking at the cell, which I sleep with like a Teddy Bear, and thinking , it's bloody early, I don't know this number, why should I be waking and starting work, and thinking bloody movie people, and then thinking, wait, they can and do call me up till midnight, and on weekends, but they don't call at 5:15am west coast time. And the East Coast book people MIGHT be at work at 8:15am but they sure aren't going to CALL me, and while Europe does call at weird hours, this is a US number, might be a telemarketer, in which case I will kill them, but perhaps I might pick up the phone and find out.

This all took about 1.5 seconds to go thru my brain.

You mostly know the rest. The only funny bit was Boss's agent had said to CALL HIM and wake him up, something that took a couple calls and stern words to the hotel to do, and make him listen to his cell phone message, only The Call had not come, but it came to the house, and while I was trying to get them his cell, having an inkling in my mind, not my first gig, what was happening, and Boss called.

I had a phone in each ear, and as Boss started asking me exactly what planet I was currently living on, in most reasonable tones, considering, I got to say “I have your call, and am giving them your cell, please answer it”

The rest you know.

I can't describe the next few hours. Very like an Oscar win I would think. My admiration for Kitty increased tenfold, as she got to the hotel, fielded more calls then I, got him packed and out to the airport, as he did interview after interview all the way to the airport.

I did call after call here.

I sent Woodsman Hans to the vet with Cabel to get his stitches out, intending to meet them there and save 20 minutes (I ran home to shower and Bengal for an hour) but he was done before I could get there. Short story, Dog doing well, has more pain pills, and is here with me now, loopy but ok.

Managed to get out of the house and off to the Coraline screening, a bit late, but there are times in ones life that one is SURE if one does not get a Chai, one will not make it.

I didn't get to see much of the movie this time, as the calls kept coming. Short joke, had it on vibrate of course, so I didn't mind, but mostly I was in the hall talking, fielding, lobbing. Lots of email too, also on vibrate. To continue short joke, great night.

So much love at this screening! Thank you! I got to meet a new recently de-lurked Fiend, Usige, which I am sure I am spelling wrong, and is pronounced “Wish” , but didn't get this in time to introduce her to Dr Wicked, Aleta, El and Beez (whose son was a delight, as was Aleta's Goddaughter) Well, Wish is a one of us, too late for you now, my dear! (Adriandalen, play NICE!)

My head is whirling. I didn't, not for a MOMENT consider ditching Coraline for Underworld 3. Nope, never crossed my mind for a moment. Never even walked BY the theater it was showing in while on the phone. Nope. Very strong I am.

I also liked all the people from the Stable where I ride, Trainer Mel, and Jen and the girls who ride better at 14 than I will ever. I got to say “Ahaha! Now I know what I am doing! and you can see it!” As mostly at the stable I am the WAY newbie.

I need to sleep soon. The Today show is one I need to catch in the morning, and this will in no way be slowing down, until, perhaps February 6th.

And then, who knows?

Love and Zombie at this point,


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