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January 29, 2009

Self Portrait…

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Look! I'm a Goth Cousin It!!!!!

(it should perhaps be noted I have been working a LOT of hours this past week or two. I am sure this madness is temporary, and I will be just fine soon. Really. Uh-huh. No worries here. Wonder how Boss is doing?)

(Actually, I know how he is doing, just had a note from Kitty, he's holding up just fine and things are going well.)

(Why am I blogging in parentheses)

Right. Tonight, since it has warmed up here and is now 20 ABOVE, come down and see me at the Half Time Rec. I need to relax and play some music and see some people. Might as well be you as anyone, eh? Most likely better.

Thank you for those of you who wrote with offer of food and such for AFP. She sent really happy e-mails when I told her about food in Melbourne, and places to stay in New Zealand. I know she is still looking tho, France, Switzerland, Spain, if you are there , and can feed and or house and or love some AFP and the Danger Ensemble, let me know and I will pass you on….

Dr Wicked, he the Mastermind behind my new website (coming your way Friday the 13th February!) is having a gathering of anyone wanting to see Coraline on opening night here in the Cities. He is making cookies with button eyes (Dr Wicked BAKES???) and there is talk of going someone where to eat after (it's a bit of a drive, but, hey, I'll be in Stillwater all weekend, just so you know..) Details are HERE for Dr Wicked's soirée.

Just found out today that I am taking my first Dressage Test in May! I am loving My Little Pony workouts. I feel like I am starting to relax, and be able to stay relaxed while I do other things riding, and not go all wobbly, if you see what I mean. And I have lost the fear that was holding me back from really getting in and riding.

Trusting my Pony, and trusting myself.

Back to work. More lobbing, more juggling, then some rocking!

Love and Trust,


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