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January 24, 2009

Hans Update….

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Just heard from Woodsman Hans, driving across country with Cabel the Dog.

Things are going much better. The credit card seems to be working now, so they have food, and gas, always good on a trip like this. They are down near St Louis and going to stop and get a hotel in a couple of hours. Hans says he has been napping at rest stops every so often, but needs proper rest and a place to charge phone and Ipod.

Cabel seems fine with it, mostly sleeping, and Hans says he has a special Look for, “we ARE stopping soon, aren't we?”

Hans says the GPS and he are NOT friends, in fact they argue all the time. Hans believes he should be able to go where he likes and says the GPS does not have the right to disapprove of what he does.

If all goes according to plan, they will be home tomorrow and I will have a large white dog again. The Stitches come out on Monday, which will make things much easier.

More adventures to come, stay tuned to find out Will the hotel take both Dog and Visa Gift Card?????

Love and Travel,


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