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January 27, 2009

Gig, AFP and Some New Hair

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ots of things to tell you, my Fiends, if I can remember them all, and get to them in between lobbing e-mails at various people.

First off, Paul and I are playing at the Half Time Rec in St Paul on Thursday night, which I had completely forgotten about, from 8:30 to 12:30. If you want a closer gig that Stillwater, and more importantly, do not want me to become sad and lonely, please come down and see us, bringing, perhaps, as many people as you can. Then I will be happy.

You DO want me to be happy don't you????????? (MMMwhwhwhahahah!!!!!)

Secondly, I had a note from Miss Amanda Palmer, or AFP as she is sometimes known, today, asking for help around the world. She and the Danger Ensemble are doing some touring in Europe and Australia, and New Zealand and are in need of both places to stay, and food, people to do flyers and spread the word and love. In return, you would get love and free tickets.

She and the Danger Ensemble, for those of you considering having or recommending them, as houseguests, make delightful houseguests. Having had the experience, I can tell you , it's lovely. The are very neat, can and do cook for you, are very greatful, and finally, if I told you we had a 12 member touring rock band stay over and that every one of them MADE THEIR BEDS before they left, you would not believe me, but they did. I believe they are somewhat less than that in number this time tho.

You will be richer in your hearts for having gotten to know them. Trust me.

They are looking for places to stay in Pairs, Switzerland, Toulouse France, Barcelona,
and in Australia, (Sally do you hear me???) Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and in New Zealand, Auckland (We so need to hook them up with Hera!

And I think it would be really cool if a Fiend could help out here, and spread the love and increase the family. Let me know if you want to help and I will hook you up.

And finally, you wanted some new hair photos, so me and photo booth will give it a try, but I am pretty tired…(mere moments later) ok, so the light is crap, but here you have me, the new hair, the Dog and AFP's new LP, what more can you want????

Love and Everything,


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