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January 31, 2009

Did Me A Show Tongiht!

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Great gig tonight, really fun. It was like everyone there had a great time.

Ok, so that sentence wasn’t exactly perfect, but I am tired, it HAS been a week. I know people generally have a great time at my shows, but, tonight, I think they had a REALLY great time. Felt the love. Music was good, but for some reason, my comedic timing was REALLY on, and I was on a roll.

Made it to sheep jokes in the second set, which is more impressive than it sounds.

The funny thing about the night was the amount of people there who said they had come in a year or so ago, and saw us, and come back, hoping we would be there again. I said that while I was pretty sure the Excel Center wasn’t an up and coming event, they MIGHT want to come back a BIT more often..

They are all coming back for my Birthday Show, which, I am pleased to announce, is Friday the 13th February. (real B’day the 15th) We are having a PARTY! Attendance is mandatory for Twin Cities Fiends, and optional for those living far away.

For the far away, who can’t make it, Dr Wicked is going to be Webcasting it live!

And, if all goes well, Fabulouslorraine.com will be going up and live during the show!

The show will be at Charlie’s Pub, at the Water Street Inn in Stillwater MN. And it is a really cool hotel, if you feel like making a night of it. Consider yourself invited.

There will be cake. Oh yes.

Did I mention that Lojo Russo is confirmed and will be there adding to the Magic? Ah, the music…..More Guests TBA…..

Oh yes.

Last night I mentioned we would be playing there after the Coraline opening, but I was seriously confused, we are NOT there that night. I am playing with Big Johnnie on the 7th, at a place I will no doubt remember and blog soon, but Friday the 6th the theater is dark. Sorry for the confusion.

On another note, I notice I have over 40 followers on Twitter, despite the fact that all I have ever done there is sign up and see what it was. I think once I hit 100, I will start Tweeting. Just saying…

This past week has been the wildest ride going. I can’t exactly explain what it feels like. I can’t imagine what Boss is going thru, or Kitty, or what I will get back of them when they land here.

(did I mention the Tattooed Tornado will also be at the B’day show?)

It has been a ride. You can’t know how many calls I have been taking or e-mails I answering, where in an hour, I am quoted and out there. Every word counts and had better be right.

One thing I was thinking about today, in all of this, was how so very cool all of you Fiends are. You talk about my Boss in terms of work, or writing and the movie, and perhaps his Dog, or Library, all the while maintaining a 100% respect for the man himself, and his privacy.

Rare, and appreciated, I assure you. And thank you.

Love and Rock,

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