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January 25, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different…

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oday I got to ride side saddle for the first time ever! It was a wonderful, magic, scary freaky as hell experience! I will tell this tale…

First off, there are two kind of side saddles, English and Western. This one is a Western, tho Trainer Mel has all but promised me an English one. When I asked her the difference, she said “Same thing, only less of it.” Oh. Good. Here's one view…

And the other. Ready to ride?

I slipped easily into the saddle, my spirited mount dancing, eager to be off, completely calm, and eager for this new adventure, I approached this new way of riding as only a sane women would.

You can see next the ease and grace in which I accomplished this. Nothing to it, settle yourself, bring your leg over, and make yourself comfortable.

And off we rode. Sort of. Trainer Mel did the leading, and we only walked. Enough, trust me. I think my first comment after the first couple of steps was “ACK OH NO HELP I AM FALLING!!!!!!!!!!!” But really, once you get the hang of the balance and how the horse moves, it's not a bad way to ride. Thank You Mel And Jeannie!!! To say I couldn't have done it without you is an understatement!!!!!

I didn't feel quiet as graceful and elegant as I had always dreamed I would, more “Hey Horsie hope you are liking this sack of potatoes on your back” but one starts at the beginning, doesn't one, and the grace and fitness and dance of it all will come in time.

For tonight it is enough to know that I did it.

And now I have a one of these again….

Love and Dreams,


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