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Welcome to FabulousLorraine.com!

Lorraine’s website will be like…

Lorraine : Photo by Kyle…violins, singing, music played everywhere from church halls to biker bars, live streaming gigs, bees, beekeeping, the occasional bee-related crisis, honey, cats, cat toys, cat adventures (bengals – a cunning breed), sick animals nursed carefully back to health, snow, sub-zero temperatures (she lives in a land of cold winters), writing, literature, stories, poems, lycans, colourful hair in red, blue and purple, more cats, horses, saddles, dogs (a lot of nature here), some scheduling of international events, occasional bursts of Hollywood, and a vast array of friends from all around the world, gathered in by Lorraine’s already-huge blogging network. I like Lorraine. She’s very encouraging when times are hard, and she sends me Manga. I couldn’t say that about anyone else.

Martin Millar

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